Imagine your business having an entire Digital Marketing Platform that virtually runs itself


√ Automated Online Marketing Platform

√ Launch your Brick & Mortar on the Internet

√ Automate customer acquisition

√ Automate product delivery

√ Stay up-to-date on Internet marketing

√ Join a community of like-minded business owners

Level 2

Mid Level

The Goal

7  Figure business

Course Length

9 Weeks

Course Format

Online & Physical

What is it?

DRIVOR Online Marketing Platform from WeCraft Sites allows you to take control of your Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email, and Multi-media marketing for your business, all from one easy-to-learn dashboard.

How does it work?

After consulting with you regarding the specific needs of your business, your new DRIVOR™ Online Marketing Platform will be set up for you “in the background” while you and/or your staff are learning how to use it. In just a few weeks, when you are ready to get started, your DRIVOR site will be set up and waiting for you. It’s that simple. 

Who is it for?

WeCraft DRIVOR was created BY business owners FOR business owners. If you have any kind of product or service that your customers want to learn about, WeCraft DRIVOR is for you.

When does it start?

Because DRIVOR is an online course, it starts the moment you enroll. You can work through it as fast or slow as you wish. Depending upon the complexity of your design requirements, your Platform should be available in ten business days or less.

Where does it happen?

Thanks to technology, we can deliver the entire DRIVOR™ program to you via a combination of phone, video webinars, and online courses. Our community is located on our own site, where we control the privacy and access for our valued clients.

Why does it exist?

We created DRIVOR because most businesses are severely challenged when it comes to online business marketing. We are dedicated to taking the guesswork out of the growth by making things understandable, systemized, and workable within your tight time constraints.

Here's how it works

Learnable Process

We took the guesswork out of digitally marketing a business, and turned it into a science. Our practical, minutes-a-day process has been proven to work, and you will know exactly how to track your own success as you go.

Winning Mindset

Good people have accidentally taught us a lot of bad lessons, so we will break down what you think you know about marketing and business, and turn it into a new mindset that turns every move into a win for you and your business. 

Leaders Community

We may be good at keeping up to date on the latest changes, but nothing beats a whole army of smart business owners getting together to share their successful tips and tricks that they are using to build their businesses worldwide. Best. Studygroup. Ever.

Expert guidance

Live sessions, private community forums, email support, and one-on-one coaching calls will set you on the path to marketing success. And the ability to revisit any lesson or webinar again and again will give you the confidence to move forward at your own pace.

35 Years of Experience. 10 Years of Testing.

Does a WeCraft Sites Online Marketing Platform work? There’s only one way to find out, by seeing whether our members actually succeeded in the real world. How would you like to experience results like this?


People on your Ideal Customer email list


Revenue Growth 


Number of new staff needed to handle the increase in business

We will show YOU how to get the Loves and Stars you deserve, by integrating your website into your overall customer engagement experience. 

Uplevel Consulting course content

With this “learn at your own pace” program , we’ll help you attract new prospects, and turn them into loyal, lifelong customers. 

Learn the basics of WordPress.

Find your theme

Add plugins

Begin creating your site

Customize your site to your liking

Finish your site

Begin your digital marketing campaign

Begin to learn about building courses

Learn the way best for your situation

Whether it is you learning to run the platform yourself, or if you delegate the general duties to a staff member, our program allows you the freedom to access the training as you see fit.

WeCraft has its own Learning Management System

You or your staff can take all the training courses from right here within the WeCraft Website. Simply log in, and your membership gives you unlimited access to the entire array of training, self-help, and learning resources to support you and your business as you grow and change. 

These courses aren’t stagnant. As technology changes, the courses will keep pace. What you need a staff member to learn next year may be different from what you learn tomorrow. WeCraft will be right there to guide you in the ever changing world of digital marketing.

Interactive Leaders community

Sharing solutions across the business ecosystem is the best way to move your own company ahead. Our community is made up of like-minded, success-oriented business owners, and solutions to technical and marketing questions will spread faster when we share them together. 

Ask questions, add friends, join specific interest groups… it’s all there within the WeCraft Leaders Community forum. 

If the training isn’t fun, we’re not doing it right

For thirty years we’ve been teaching business owners about marketing, sales, and digital media. Some things have changed, but the core principles remain the same. We’ll give you the benefit of those decades of experience, and you just might have a great time learning it.

Here’s a summary of everything you get

This is not your typical online “course”. We’ve been a “brick and mortar” consulting firm since 1984. We know your business because we’ve been there. 

We're proud of our history

Evolution by Year

Our branding has evolved, but the core philosophy has remained the same… because it works!


√ Automated Online Marketing Platform

√ Launch your Brick & Mortar on the Internet

√ Automate email marketing

√ Automate social media

√ Stay up-to-date on Internet marketing

√ Join our Leaders Community of like-minded business owners

Here’s what our students are saying

Our students aren’t just satisfied, they have successful businesses and they’re making money.

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