The blog lets you keep your website active, alive, vibrant and current. It tells people that yes, you are indeed still in business. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having your homepage be an active collection of recent material.  So if you aren’t blogging, if you aren’t telling your customers, and Google, that you’re still in business and actively accepting new customers, then you might as well not even bother with going into business today.

I know that sounds strong, but how many of you think that you could run your business successfully if you only had half of your customer base?  Don’t give up half the business. This system really does allow you to leverage up your time and energy so that you can make the most of your working day. 

We first implemented this strategy by adding a Facebook activity block to the home page. This worked very well for our small businesses, and you’ll see that many of our clients still do it. Some people are just better at keeping their social media updated, and so we used to give them a way to do it. 

This, however, isn’t the best long term strategy for your business, and for two very important reasons. 

Why you can’t count on Facebook or Twitter to demonstrate your liveliness

Social media websites are just an adjunct to your actual OMP. When you post material on their sites, that is exactly where it stays. It may provide a LINK back to your site, but in the end, the content you create “over there” STAYS “over there”. It does nothing for your own organic SEO. This may not seem like an important distinction, but we have to understand that just because we SEE a difference on your home page because you posted a status update on Facebook doesn’t mean Google sees the difference. Google only sees the HTML code that drags in the information from Facebook (or Twitter), but doesn’t recognize the changing nature of what this code drags over. As far as Google is concerned, you’ve not changed or added anything on your page. Although your potential customers can see you’ve posted something new and fresh, the search engines are absolutely blind to it.