There are several pieces of advice you can find regarding your choice for featured images. One of the most important ones is about what is IN the photos. The most important thing you can put in any photo is a face. But not just any face. If you can get a woman’s face, smiling, with her eyes straight at the camera, you have a gold mine. These particular photos have a tremendously higher effectiveness in influencing people to open a post than do any other images.  If that doesn’t fit your message, then try to follow these simple rules. Remember, the featured image of your post is what social media platforms grab and display to the world. If they aren’t eye-catching, then you’re going to lose about 90% of your response.

Use a contrasting color.  Color is a big factor, and I don’t mean just as a contrast to black and white photography. The right color can really impact your post’s performance. Although we have known for years that blue is a “buying” color, the fact that Facebook, and maybe even your own website, use blue as a base color means your featured image will have to be something OTHER than blue if you want it to pop off the page. One of the most response-generating colors is actually orange. I’m not suggesting you tint the entire photo orange, but making sure that there is something bold and orange in the picture will really make it jump out at your prospective readers.  Look at these two images, and you’ll see what I mean.

See how the action of the first image is virtually unnoticeable when compared to the bright orange shirt featured in the second picture? Both of these photos indicate friends playing golf, but one of them will probably get a lot more response than the other.

Animals and children. If you can find a way to relate your topic to a dog, a cat, an elephant or a happy child, you will get better results when you share your content on social media. Although most business owners like to think they are talking about the facts of their business, what they are really hoping to convey is the emotion their customers feel when they make the right purchase. With the right headline, the image can make a huge difference in response. I’m actually going to follow my own suggestion I gave at the beginning of this section to show how sometimes animal pictures are stronger than the best people images. I’ve even matched the color schemes of the photos.


There is a certain nostalgic charm to old radio dramas, or even listening to audio books. You can paint a picture that you probably can’t afford to actually stage for a video shoot, and your customers will even find themselves more mentally involved with your message because they are “seeing” the story inside their own minds, rather than on a 6 inch YouTube screen. I’m not going to pretend that audio broadcasts will get the same response as a video, but I also don’t want you to shy away from it just because you think it’s old fashioned or out of style. The world is now coming to appreciate the Podcast in a way that might surprise you.