Seonomy is the science of being found.  In order to be found on the internet, you have to be crystal clear about who you are, or more appropriately, “who” your business is. This clarity of description is vital, as the average American is being pummeled by media messages every minute they are awake.  When I started my career in marketing, the typical American was seeing over 600 marketing messages a day. That was almost one message every ten minutes.  This was an outrageously high number, and we were wondering then how we could get our message seen or heard.

Today, the number exceeds 3,000, with some estimates as high as 5,000.  That means your brain is absorbing an advertising message from somebody at least every FIVE SECONDS.  Some of these “messages” that advertisers are paying for consumers to absorb are 30 seconds long.  To trap someone’s attention for half a minute, the consumer has to decide to ignore five other messages they could be viewing instead of yours.  

That is some serious competition. And that is why big businesses have big advertising budgets and massive creative budgets, working 24/7 to design marketing messages that directly appeal to their target audience.

But you’re reading this book, and this book wasn’t written for them.  

It was written for you.

So, now that I’ve completely destroyed your dreams of massive fame, with your product becoming a household name like Whirlpool, Apple or Chevrolet, let’s start talking about how you can still succeed at building the successful business of your dreams.

IMPORTANT: Please realize that this is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  There is no shortcut to long term success, especially when it comes to online marketing. I know this is exactly the opposite of what you hear, but the fact is, that myth was created during the “Wild West” days of the internet, when there weren’t so many sites, and consumers weren’t as adept as they are today in finding the USEFUL information they desire. It is a slow haul becoming the trusted source for information, so you have to be consistent and persistent in creating your content.

There’s an old saying in marketing, and it goes something like this:

“People don’t want to buy a drill.  They want to buy a hole.”

When people finally get their brains wrapped around that simple axiom, their businesses can begin to market properly. Let me take it a bit further by giving industry examples from my own coaching and consulting clients.

  • You’re not selling insurance policies. You’re providing peace of mind and a sense of security.
  • You’re not selling an exercise device. You’re selling good posture and a long, healthy life.
  • You’re not selling yourself as a graduate of an Ivy League business school.  You’re selling the HR manager on the fact that he will have all the necessary justifications and support documentation for explaining to his boss about why you were obviously the best choice for the job, even though you failed. (The vast majority of HR people are only worried about justifying their decisions when they go wrong, and NOT about finding the best candidate for the job, by the way. Generally, they get little or no credit for finding the right people, but all the blame for hiring the wrong one).

And that brings us to a very important point in Seonomy: 

You have to know what your prospective customers are THINKING!

The good news is, mindreading has never been easier.