I would be incredibly satisfied if all small business owners were able to run their own comprehensive online marketing programs.

Too many people see online marketing as a mystical science, bordering on magic. Google hasn’t done much to dispel this myth, with its talk of algorithms, Panda, Penguins and Sandboxes. Many small business owners only know that there is a random element to it, and because the jargon is so unfamiliar, they often turn over the work to other people, and simply hope it will eventually work.

But that’s not doing things in the right order.  It’s not until you understand the moving parts of online business marketing that you can intelligently hire someone else to do it. There is a basic foundation that you can build for yourself, and once you get beyond those basics, you can make an informed decision on precisely what help you need, and what performance requirements you can expect of them. You can do this because, contrary to popular opinion, business marketing online is nothing like any marketing you’ve ever done before. In fact, I’m here to say that Business Marketing Online is like no other marketing you’ve ever encountered.

In fact, it’s easier.

Unfortunately, we tend to think of it like traditional advertising platforms.  It is nothing of the sort, and that is the cause of a lot of the confusion.  It is, in fact, such a purified version of theoretical marketing that it is virtually unrecognizable to anyone who has been doing traditional marketing and advertising for their small businesses. In the classic model, you might have done well doing print advertising in the local newspaper.  Then, you’d add radio, and see if it increased your business. If that didn’t work, then maybe you’d switch to a few months of direct mail campaigns, or the yellow pages, or broadcast tv, or cable. You would wonder what worked, and frequently base your decisions upon the last customer you talked to and whether she had seen your ad on television or not. You simply couldn’t know where people were coming from, so you just spent money on anything that seemed to generate any kind of response.

Online marketing is entirely different. Online marketing is like having your own research and testing facility for marketing right at your fingertips. There isn’t ANY part of online marketing that won’t work for your business, and you have the luxury to test them for very little, even no money. Since you can now check the performance of every piece of marketing against any benchmark you wish to set, you can know exactly what doesn’t work so you can stop it, and what things you need to be doing a lot more of because they are producing results.