Leveraging your own personal network is a great way to get immediate organic hits on your business page posts, and the easiest way to do that is to utilize the “Reshare” function within the new Business Suite app for Facebook.

Here’s now that works:

Go to your Business Suite App and find the post you want to reshare.



Click on the title of the post, and you will now have the post controls visible.


The “Share” button here is not functional This is just a picture of your post. To get the RIGHT share button, you have to scroll down a bit.


The “Reshare” button is your new best friend. Click on it, and you will have some really cool options available to you. Sounds easy, but there’s a trick on the next screen that isn’t very obvious.


Sure, you’re all ready to type, but if you hit “Post” then all you will end up doing is Reshaping the post directly back to your business page. That’s not the point. 

Check out the fine print at the top: “TAP TO CHANGE”. That’s the ticket.


When this window opens, you will have several good options available. For our purposes here, just click on your News Feed. But if you come back, you can click on Groups and you will be able to push the post into any group that is relevant to the topic you are sharing.

Once you’ve selected your News Feed, come on back and start writing a nifty comment to add some flavor to your Reshared post.


Here’s an example of some flavor text I’ve added.


Now just click “POST” in the top right corner of your screen, and VOILA! 


You’re done! 

Remember to be careful not to Reshape too much at one time. Facebook considers it spamming and will disable your account if you Reshare the same post too frequently. Two to four Reshares is usually pretty safe at your first sitting, so have at it and watch the Organic views start climbing!