Have you ever seen a depiction of the way gravity works, perhaps on a documentary on the planets, or back in science class?  Here’s a quick recap.

Picture “space” as a big rubber sheet.  Now, picture Earth as a ball being placed on that big sheet of rubber.  Here’s an image to help you see what would happen.

Now imagine rolling a marble across the sheet.  It would be diverted by the dip in the sheet created by the Earth. The ball is creating what is called a “gravity well”, a place that attracts objects, like the marble, within its vicinity. Naturally, this is not how gravity “really” works, but it serves the purpose of explaining the way things are attracted to objects with mass, and how that mass affects the space around it.

Your website is the planet on the sheet.  The sheet is the internet. Your customers are the marbles. Your job is to take your website and make the biggest dent you can in the internet, so that you don’t lose your marbles.

Make sense?

Google has very specific ideas of what things add to your mass, and thus count in the creation of your gravity well.  Let’s examine those pieces, one at a time.