WeCraft Sites likes to be on the leading edge of technology. We play with a lot of tools, and find some pretty cool ones along the way. We share those with our members, and we are now going to share something pretty cool with the whole world.

Say Hello to the AI Podcast. This podcast isn’t just READ by a synthetic voice, it is written by artificial intelligence as well.

Some of you may have seen the article we posted two weeks about website design. What we didn’t tell anyone was that, other than the first sentence, the article was actually written by artificial intelligence software that we have at WeCraft. That first sentence becomes the launching point for the rest of the copy it creates.

Give it a listen. Honestly, it’s pretty darned good, if you ask me.

So keep your eyes open, and as we are preparing to launch, we will give you plenty of notice so you can add the channel to your favorites.

Amazing new world, isn’t it? We’re glad you’re coming along for the ride.