As I dug deeper, I discovered that all the best, foundational online business marketing fit into five categories of activity. Any one of these categories would yield results, but you couldn’t get that “spark” of ignition without engaging in at least these five areas. These five areas, or Five Drivers, as I called them, all built on each other, and drove results higher by working together. So, what are these “Five Drivers”?

  • Seonomy (the science of being found on the internet, mostly through SEO)
  • Site Design
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Multi-Media

When a company was utilizing all five of these drivers for its online marketing, it created a regular flow of prospects, leads and sales. As I said before, any one of these can work well if done right, but all five together seemed to create what I can only describe as a “fusion reaction”, whereby the system fueled itself, causing its own output to increase beyond the sum of the five individual parts.

For big companies, it wasn’t a hard sell to tell them they needed five departments within their marketing division to handle these areas of expertise.  After all, they were accustomed to having specialists for buying print space in newspapers, versus those who negotiated the rates on multiple market ten second traffic report sponsorships.  But until now, “online marketing” was considered to be one big lump that might have been assigned one person, or one small team. But the people who are good at crafting a brand image for a YouTube video aren’t necessarily the same people you want creating your meta tags and internal link structures for a blog article. 

The good news is, the big business’s ability to hire five marketing specialists is also their weakness, compared to you, the small business owner.  You know your business. You know what’s happening just about every minute of every day.  You know your customers, and you know what they like to hear just before they buy from you. Teaching that to a marketing employee takes about 600 hours of training, on site visits, and at least two corporate retreats to Las Vegas. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you are precisely in the sweet spot. But you need to learn one more lesson before we get to some even better news about the Five Drivers program:

All business is marketing

I can’t stress that simple phrase nearly enough.  It doesn’t matter how efficient your delivery system is; how gorgeous your displays are; how low your prices are compared to the competition. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. And marketing is the ONLY way to get customers. It is your business. Finding customers is your business. Period. You can always change what you sell them, but if you don’t have them, you can’t sell them anything.