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We Are Open Presidents Day Feb Monday 15th, 9-5
1. Valentines Day Special. It falls on a Sunday so let's celebrate Saturday 13th & 15th with 20% OFF All Breeches, Jackets, and Show Shirts. 2. Valentine Contest. $25.00 Gift Certificate from GAE for the most creative/cutest Valentine Picture with their Valentine Horse. $15.00 2nd Place $10.00 3rd Place If out of State Certificate can be used towards Shipping of a saddle trial. All Pictures to be Submitted by Monday 15th, 12 pm Winner to be Announced Feb 22nd.
NEW Cleaning product in stock SUDS. Let's Promote a Special Retails at 19.99 Month of February try for 14.99 More info to follow on how this product works Brighten up your White Show Pads, White Breeches. Horses White Socks, Spot Stain Remover, So many uses and biodegradable non Toxic.

Did you get an Item from Janine?

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Cindy Needs a new one as we sold her saddle. I will ask her

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