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Adding your followers to your business page on LinkedIn

When you open your Opta business page, you will see a control bar/menu across the middle/top.  All pages, Products, Content, Analytics, Activity.

To the far right is “Admin Tools”.  Select that.

Select “Invite Connections”

This is where it gets fun. Instead of just adding everyone, first choose your location as “Fairfax County, Virginia”.  I don’t have anybody there, so I chose Tampa for my sample.  Just type the name in the box and select it from the drop down.

Or, instead of Fairfax, you can actually choose the employer. If the County comes up, select that and you should get the cleanest list of initial invites you can get for promoting the webinar.


If enough people don’t come up, then go back to Fairfax County. That should give you enough to help the algorithm really focus in on your business.  Obviously though, employment is the BEST filter to select. 

You can invite up to 250 people per month.  Best to do them in batches of 60 per week.

(However, you do have 250 left and just 10 days to use them in, so feel free to go hog wild right now)

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