Buying Email Lists

There are dozens of services out there who will sell you email lists. You can get hundreds, even thousands of names and email addresses for pennies apiece. They’ll tell you how “fresh” they are, how “active” they are, how “responsive” they are.

And the answer is always “no”. Not just “no”, really, but “Hell no!”. 

These people on this list are not your fans, your friends, or your followers. They have no idea who you are. And their first impression of you will be that you are the kind of person who will trespass in their email inbox, and violate their privacy. They will always view you with a level of distrust, because they don’t know how you found them. That’s how scammers work. You shouldn’t be using the same tactics as identity thieves and phishers.  As we go through the process of how to use your email marketing to build your business, you will understand why this is more important than ever.

Creating your list

For the purposes of modern marketing online, it is crucial that you understand this simple truth: It is better to have five people on your email list that asked to be there than it is to have 500 who didn’t ask, don’t know you, and have no idea what you do for work. Knowing this does a few things: 

  1. It keeps your list clean
  2. It keeps you clear from violating CAN/SPAMM rules
  3. It keeps your metrics tight and meaningful
  4. It takes the pressure off of you thinking you have to have a huge list.

So, now that the pressure is off, we can explore simple, effective ways of growing your email list organically. No tricks, no schemes, no bait and switch tactics.