Having trouble keeping up with the demands of multiple Social Media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook?

We can help, but it HAS to be a good fit. That’s why we are careful about matching you with one of our professional Community Managers. We actually have an application process. We aren’t going to pretend we can do a great job in your industry just because we want to grow OUR business.  We want to do a great job for YOU so you can grow YOUR business.

Make sense?

Watch for the link below. When you see it, that means we will be accepting NEW applications for Community Management clients.

What does a WeCraft Sites Community Manager provide? Here is a sample of our services.  They may not look much different from what others offer, but with WeCraft, you know you are getting someone who is committed to making your business grow, because that’s really all we do here.

  • Bi-weekly Branding Meetings (via Zoom)
  • Custom Monthly Publication Calendar
  • Individual, custom-written and edited website articles
  • Photo review sessions with select photo edits
  • 20 Facebook posts (minimum)
  • 20 Instagram posts (minimum)
  • Message monitoring on active Social Media accounts
  • Strategic increase of follows, hashtag follows, comments and hashtag use to build Instagram following.
  • Initial Instagram grid clean up for existing accounts
  • Stories coaching
  • and more

Your WeCraft Sites Community Manager will be working right here in our offices, under our direct management. We don’t “farm out” the services. Just like you, we keep it local.

We’ve distilled these services down to what business owners like you really need, and can’t afford to take too much of your time educating someone who knows nothing about your business. That’s why we do the application forms. We know what we can do, but we need to know more about your particular situation to see if you would be a good fit.

If the link appears below, then go ahead and apply. Retail, wholesale, B2B, B2C… we can help.