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Three New Social Media Options for Business Marketers

Twitter and Facebook have dominated social media for the last decade, but those things are now changing. Without getting into the politics of the issue, what we are now seeing is a vast number of people… your customers… opening new accounts on a variety of other social media platforms. Three of these have risen to […]

How to post from your FB Business Page to your own FB News Feed

Leveraging your own personal network is a great way to get immediate organic hits on your business page posts, and the easiest way to do that is to utilize the “Reshare” function within the new Business Suite app for Facebook. Here’s now that works: Go to your Business Suite App and find the post you […]

Psychographics in your Online Marketing

We have all pretty much heard about “demographics” when it comes to advertising buys. This is where you pick the basics of who a person is by age, income, gender, and geography. Given those basics, it is pretty clear that we can narrow down our targets to specific kinds of people, and for small businesses, […]

Tips for Facebook Business pages

In the same way your Online Marketing Platform is the hub of all your online marketing activity, your Facebook Fan Page (or Business Page, I use the terms interchangeably) should be the hub of all your Facebook business activity. What I’m going to discuss here are the “best practices” for managing your page so that […]


In the last few years, an incredibly new tool has become available for small businesses.  This tool, called retargeting, allows OMP owners to “tag” people who have visited viewed their content online, and then report that tag back to a central database. Then, if the OMP owner chooses, she can retarget those visitors with ads […]

Combining target marketing, demographics, and psychographics into one campaign

Facebook allows you to do both demographic and psychographic target marketing to your prospective customers. You can narrow down the field, not only to women aged 35-54, but even tighter if you wish. Let’s talk about women who are approaching fifty years old. That’s a pretty big benchmark. You can choose women who are 47 […]

Target marketing, demographics, and psychographics

Target Marketing Regardless of what media you attempt to use, the idea of target marketing is going to dominate your thinking. A target market is exactly that: a segment of the population that could be in the market for your product that you wish to target with your marketing message. In my book, target markets […]

Action steps

What we should do now is take all this theory and conceptual information and turn it into action steps that you can use to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts. Step 1: Be sure your OMP has plenty of ways for people to share your content with their friends. There are […]

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 was the phrase coined about a decade ago to describe the seismic shift in how people related to the internet. Some people wrongly suggest that “Web 2.0” simply means “social media”. That’s like confusing an MP3 player with the music it contains in its memory. The music is the reason the MP3 player […]

Facebook is born

 Love it or hate it, Facebook was the fusion of all the existing social media platforms, and with the addition of a few more features, something finally “clicked” with the public. Although originally planned as a way of connecting college students (it was started at Harvard, and in the first month over half of the […]