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There are several pieces of advice you can find regarding your choice for featured images. One of the most important ones is about what is IN the photos. The most important thing you can put in any photo is a face. But not just any face. If you can get a woman’s face, smiling, with […]


Photographs are just that: pictures of people or things that relate to your business.  Within the category of Photographs, there are two sub-categories: Custom photos and Stock photos. Both can be used very easily, but I will say right now that when dealing with social media and your current customers, you will get a better […]

The Fifth Driver: Multimedia

Mailchimp is an email service that allows you to build your email marketing program for free. Their business model is simple: let you build your list there (up to 2,000 people) and send up to 12,000 emails a month, so that when you get bigger and need more, you will choose their service over all […]