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Three New Social Media Options for Business Marketers

Twitter and Facebook have dominated social media for the last decade, but those things are now changing. Without getting into the politics of the issue, what we are now seeing is a vast number of people… your customers… opening new accounts on a variety of other social media platforms. Three of these have risen to […]

How to post from your FB Business Page to your own FB News Feed

Leveraging your own personal network is a great way to get immediate organic hits on your business page posts, and the easiest way to do that is to utilize the “Reshare” function within the new Business Suite app for Facebook. Here’s now that works: Go to your Business Suite App and find the post you […]

3 Reasons you MUST own your own Marketing Platform

Marketing moves fast, and small business owners have a tough time keeping up with it. One day the “Boost” button is on the bottom of page two, the next day it’s at the top of page one. Keeping up with changes like this is no fun, but it’s hardly beyond the scope of most business […]

Forms of Engagement | Utilizing Online Forms for Attracting New Clients

We are all familiar with online forms. Often used for getting people to give up their email addresses, or asking questions about your products or services, the form has become as common an element of modern websites as blog posts and social media links. But forms can be used for more than just gathering information. […]

You’ve got the power… so use it

Things that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and could only be done by companies like Procter & Gamble, (such as focus groups and split testing), can now happen straight from your desktop for just a few dollars a day. If you aren’t using these tactics, maybe you should consider a serious change […]

Psychographics in your Online Marketing

We have all pretty much heard about “demographics” when it comes to advertising buys. This is where you pick the basics of who a person is by age, income, gender, and geography. Given those basics, it is pretty clear that we can narrow down our targets to specific kinds of people, and for small businesses, […]

Forget About SEO – Focus on Web 2.0

Websites were invented by research scientists so that other research scientists could find scientific research information. That’s the point. They were designed so professional researchers could find things. They were a one way street. Seeing the potential, though, internet marketers adapted to that system by trying to hijack the traffic created by “surfers” looking to find […]

4 Great Uses for your Website that You are Probably Missing

Websites have changed a lot since the days of “I need something so my customers can get my address and phone number.” In fact, if that’s all you’re using your website for, you might as well get rid of it. You can do all that with Apple Maps and a Facebook page. Really. But if […]

Direct backlinks

Simply put, a direct backlink is a connection from one website to another.  The quality of the “sending” site (the place where your link appears) directly affects how much mass this particular link adds to your gravity well.  That connection actually transfers some of the importance and reputability of the sending site to your website. […]

Fresh content and meta tags

Another important element of the Google algorithm is the “freshness” of your content. Google thinks an old site is great, but not if the content hasn’t changed in eight months.  There is a massive amount of new information available on the internet, and Google doesn’t want to send its valuable customers to a site that […]