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PayPal just made online business more secure…but harder for Business Owners like you as well

Some plugins, like LifterLMS, have now removed the simple “Just fill in your PayPal email and we’ll get you the payments” to the more complicated App-Developer based setup that takes a LOT more effort. You need live credentials, and those are derived from your API signature. We will try to break down the steps here […]

How to post from your FB Business Page to your own FB News Feed

Leveraging your own personal network is a great way to get immediate organic hits on your business page posts, and the easiest way to do that is to utilize the “Reshare” function within the new Business Suite app for Facebook. Here’s now that works: Go to your Business Suite App and find the post you […]

3 Reasons you MUST own your own Marketing Platform

Marketing moves fast, and small business owners have a tough time keeping up with it. One day the “Boost” button is on the bottom of page two, the next day it’s at the top of page one. Keeping up with changes like this is no fun, but it’s hardly beyond the scope of most business […]